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2008 NFL Mock Draft V1.3

by Kurt Schumacher


2007 NFL mock draft

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Wow - two revisions in less than a week.  Following is my revised edition of the 2008 mock draft.  Which reflects the signing of Jake Long by Miami, and the trade of Minnesota's pick to KC.  Major needs for the NFL teams are by position in parenthesis ( ).  Teams with revised mock draft picks are in bold


1.  MIAMI (LB, OL, DL) - Jake Long OT - Well negotiating with Long wasn't a smoke screen after all.  He did sign for less than JaMarcus Russell (last years 1st pick), however, it can't be labeled a below market deal.  Long was sorely needed and is projected to anchor the offensive line for the next decade.


2.  ST LOUIS (LB, WR, DL) - Chris Long DE - The latest rumor is they'll jump at the prospects of securing a playmaking DE.  The ability to pressure the opposing QB will help the depleted secondary as well.


3.  ATLANTA (QB, OL, DL, DB) - Glenn Dorsey DT - Latest rumor is they're going to take Matt Ryan, but just don't see them taking a guy who will take 2-3 years to develop and passing on a blue chipper that can help right away. So my latest mock revision flip flops Long & Dorsey.


4.  OAKLAND (WR, LB) - Darren McFadden RB - They'll get one of the top 4 players in the draft. They don't really need another RB but how can you pass on someone with the potential to be great?  McFadden will put fans in the stands. Not putting much stock in rumors of Raiders trading down, that's just not Al's way.


5.  KANSAS CITY (OL, DL)  - Ryan Clady OT - The O-line is woeful and they'll grab a good one in Clady.  They could surprise and take Matt Ryan.... KC could be the team that trades down. It's probably a good idea if the big four are gone by the time they pick. The consensus is there are 4 highly rated blue chippers in this years draft... and they'll likely be gone by the time KC picks.


6.  NY JETS (LB, NT) - Vernon Gholson OLB - A great fit here. Gholson is a quality player but is best suited for OLB in the 3-4, so he slips to the first team that can use a player of his talent.


7.  NEW ENGLAND (LB) (trade from SF) Leodis McKelvin CB - Best corner on the board and he fills a need. The defense is aging and should be the focus of the first few rounds.


8.  BALTIMORE (QB, WR) - Matt Ryan QB - Obvious choice, he'll either be the future or push Boller to get the job done. If Clady slips he may be the choice and the Ravens could draft a developmental QB later in the day.


9.  CINCINNATI (WR, DL, LB, DB) - Keith Rivers LB - They may opt for a DE, but really need a tackling machine against the run.


10. NEW ORLEANS (DL, LB , DB) - Sedrick Ellis DT - Could go corner, but Ellis fills a need. The Saints will address defensive needs in this draft. They could easily take a CB here....


11. BUFFALO (WR, TE, DB) - Rodgers Cromartie CB - The defense was dinged up last year, and the secondary could use help. Look for the Bills to take a wideout or a TE on the first day.


12. DENVER (OL, DL) - Rashard Mendenhall RB - If Denver opts for the O-line, which they might, Mendenhall won't slip past the Panthers.  Mendenhall could be great in this system, but if they believe in Selvin Young look for them to take OT Williams.


13. CAROLINA (OL, DB, TE, QB) - Chris Williams  OT - The O-line has fallen off, and there won't be tackles of this caliber in the 2nd round. If Denver takes Williams look for Carolina to happily select Mendenhall; then address O-line needs in round two.


14. CHICAGO (QB, OL, RB) - Branden Albert  OT/G - They'll plug him in at guard and hope he helps to establish the running game.


15. DETROIT - Derrick Harvey DE - This pick could very well be a CB... but the good End's won't be there in the 2nd round.


16. ARIZONA - Mike Jenkins CB - They'll address the secondary.


17. KANSAS CITY (trade Minn) - Phillip Merling DE - They'll want to find Jared Allen's replacement. Merling makes sense and addressing the line on both sides of the ball in the first round is a fundamentally sound strategy.


18. HOUSTON - Jamaal Charles RB - All that's lacking here is a consistent ground game.  If the Texans don't address their RB need they'll likely go secondary with this pick.


19. PHILADEPHIA -  Devin Thomas WR - They may consider a LB here such as Mayo, but well pencil them in for a WR to develop with Kolb.


20. TAMPA - Jeff Otah OT - This line needs help and Otah is someone who can come in and start from day one.


21. WASHINGTON - Kentwan Balmer DT - I'm pretty sure the first pick will be a lineman who can help pressure the QB.


22. DALLAS (RB, WR, DB) ) (from CLE) - Aqib Talib CB - They need help in pass coverage. They should address the RB and WR position on the first day.


23. PITTSBURGH (DB, OL) - Jerod Mayo LB - Watch this pick, if they take a down lineman here look for the defense to move to a traditional 4-3.


24. TENNESSEE - Kenny Phillips S - They'll look to shore up the run secondary.  Phillips is a stud athlete who will help against both the pass and the run.


25. SEATTLE - Jonathan Stewart RB - Brings a little Juice to the rush attack, something they didn't have last year.


26. JACKSONVILLE - Lawrence Jackson DE - They have holes to fill on the line, this pick will surely be a DE.


27. SAN DIEGO - Felix Jones  RB - Not a lot of weakness here, they're in need of a backup for LT.


28. DALLAS - Malcolm Kelly WR - Current wideouts are good but they're getting up there....


29. SAN FRANCISCO - Limas Sweed WR - Everything points to taking a receiver, Sweed could contribute right away.


30. GREEN BAY (TE, QB) - Brandon Flowers DB - The defense and O-line look strong, but the secondary is on the wrong side of 30 and Flowers can help vs multiple receiver sets. They'll likely take a developmental QB at some point.


31. NEW ENGLAND - Forfeit Selection


32. NY GIANTS - Justin King  DB - This pick will likely be a defensive back... but won't be surprised if they snag a WR here.


Last Update: 10/13/10  


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